What is TeslaMultiSCADA.

TeslaMultiSCADA is a SCADA for accessing production and process data through smartphones and other Android devices, using the industrial communication protocols – Modbus TCP(UDP), Siemens ISO/TCP and Ethernet/IP.

Nowadays, mobile devices are becoming more powerful and the communication infrastructure (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G) is becoming more affordable. Now employees could receive technology information and have access to system controls anywhere at any time. Our idea is to do a quick visualization between an Android device and remotely situated industrial devices such as flow meters, compressors, tanks, artificial lift devices and more. TeslaMultiSCADA allows the monitoring and control of automated processes to be extended to an ordinary mobile device, smartphone or tablet PC or even smartwatch without extra development environment. It takes only minutes to set it up if you’re used to SCADA. TeslaMultiSCADA based on the Modbus TCP(UDP), Siemens ISO/TCP protocols and Ethernet/IP.


Supported Modbus Devices

  • Any device that supports Modbus TCP protocol.
  • S7-1200 direct.
  • Modbus RTU devices through an ethernet to serial gateway.

Supported Siemens Devices

  • S7-400.
  • S7-300.

Supported Allen-Bradley Devices

  • ControlLogix.
  • CompactLogix.
  • Micrologix.
  • SLC500

Evaluation version.

Evaluation version has some restrictions – you can’t use over 16 tags in your project for desktop version and 5 tags (16 tags for evaluation period – 60 days) for Android and iOS versions. You can get the software after filling the below  ” REQUEST FOR DEMO ” link.

Full version.

Full version doesn’t have any restriction. To order the full version of our products contact us .  or you may filled the form below to get the latest evaluation copy or demo and price for reference.

Request for Demo

Main Features.

Use on Android devices. Can communicate directly to devices that support Modbus, Siemens and Ethernet/IP protocols. Completely Java based. Project can be directly used on any Android device without Web browser. Configure administrator and user permissions.
Project can be directly designed on your Android device. Supports events. Use SQLLite database to storage tag’s events. Supports history collected during runtime. Possibility export/import projects.

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